How to Label a College Paper

How to Label a College Paper

How to Label a College Paper

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The label of the paper for college has its own unique design that every student must adhere to. If the first page (label) framed incorrectly, then the reviewer, even without reading the text, will send the document for revision.

The rules of the label for college

Despite the fact that university teachers create manuals with their requirements, there are certain rules that must follow in any case. Before you create a title page of the abstract, you need to set the size of the fields: right – at least 1.5 cm, left – 3 cm, and the upper and lower 2 cm, respectively. However, it is better to learn these nuances at the department, since the teacher can change the requirements and deviate from state standards.

The label of the document for each person should need such data:

  • Country (not always);
  • Full or abbreviated department name. This should be consulted with the reviewer;
  • Name of the discipline;
  • Subject of work;
  • Student’s data (the author who wrote the work).
  • Form of studying. Students can study full-time, part-time or evening;
  • Year of issue of the work.

You should know that the font not regulated in any law, that is, the type and size not specified. As a rule, teachers themselves say which font to use, usually, this is Times New Roman, size 14. Therefore, before starting to write a work, you need to consult about this with your reviewer, who will accept the work.

The procedure for processing the label for college

Not sure how to make a label of the college paper? If the teacher does not specify their requirements, then the student can independently draw up a document. For a start, you can conditionally divide the A4 sheet into 4 parts. This is the upper, central, right and lower part, and in each of them adhere to certain requirements. Of course, title pages often differ from each other. It all depends on the particular university and its requirements. Some professors asking to design label of the paper like always, others want to see the work written solely on the training manual.